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Hey folks. Have you missed me? Maybe not. LOL. Anyway, its only been a week since I’ve updated my blog but it seems like forever. I’m use to writing something at least every other day.

Life has been hectic. Last week, I went to visit my friend Danielle in the Big Apple. This was my second visit. The first time I went was the one year anniversary of 9/11. I had won a weekend trip from my local television station. I was so excited because its a city I really wanted to visit. It was a somber time because we did go on the anniversary week and everything at the time was still up. You even had the National Guards in the airport. Even with all of that going on, I had a really great time. This trip was no different.

In addition to taking a vacation, I’ve been given the opportunity to work for, an entertainment Website. Right now they are doing a soft launch so folks can go up there and check it out. Put in access code: INSIDERS to gain access to the site. Tell me what you think. While up there, check out my first article about the FOX’s new show Touch with Kiefer Sutherland.

For those interested, I’m going to share my NYC trip with you. Although I loved to visit, I could only do it in small doses. You can take the girl out of the south but you can’t take the south out of the girl. I’m a Southerner. I was born and raised in Virginia and I will die here. LOL. Well hopefully not any time soon.

I thank you in advance for checking out my NYC journey. Enjoy.

cab driver

This cab driver was lewd and crude. He definitely welcomed me to NYC. My girl Danielle said “Let the New York fuckery begin.” And did it ever. I hope no one is offended but hey I gotta keep it real. The cabbie told me he didn’t like skinny New York skinny bitches and he preferred big girls. Ha! And he went on to tell me how he enjoyed going “down” on women. Ummm, that was some information I did not need to know. I wasn’t offended. I found the whole cab ride to be hilarious. I think he wanted to shock me. Trust me, you have to do a lot more than talk about oral sex to offend me. That was my first day in NYC.


I arrived around 1 p.m. and Danielle was still working. It was a Friday. So while I waited for her, I decided to take a walk around the area. I stumbled upon Crumbs Bake Shop. I bought a peanut butter chocolate cupcake. It was divine. Sometimes pretty desserts aren’t necessarily the best tasting. I must say this one was delish. Its a must for cupcake lovers.

Pizza Place

Doesn’t this look good. I’m a veggie pizza lover. No meat for me. I had to get a slice of New York pizza. It was pretty tasty.


For dinner on my first day, we went to Ten, a Japanese restaurant located in Park Slope, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. I enjoy eating Sushi but I’m not the type who knows what she is eating. I end up picking what I thinks sounds the best on the menu. Everything I had was great. What I found odd was there were a lot of families in their with their kids. I have two nephews ages 10 and 2 that I’m raising. They would look at me like I was cock-eyed and crazy if I took them there. I guess my kids are little to “low rent” for that place. LOL.

Time Square

This is me in Time Square. Right now you don’t see a lot of people in this shot but BELIEVE me, it was extremely busy. It is definitely a tourist area. After being there for about 10 minutes, I was ready to go. Its not fun shuffling and elbowing around with a bunch of tourist and New Yorkers.

Harry Potter

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of my Harry Potter moment. Guests weren’t allowed to take pictures. That sucked. I tried to take a quick one and the guard quickly came over and asked for my phone. Goodness, he was worse than the CIA. I deleted the photo. It was a nice museum. They had a lot of Harry Potter memorabilia from the set. Its a must see for Harry Potter fans. The gift shop was extremely pricey. They sold a Harry Potter wand for about $200. CRAZY!!! Aint no way I would have dropped that kind of money for a wand. Other than me getting into trouble, I enjoyed the exhibit.

Elmo and meMario and Luigi

You never know who you will meet on the streets of NYC. He came complete with the voice. My two year old has an Elmo decorated room. I just quickly snapped a picture of Mario and Luigi. LOL.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Prior to heading to the Harry Potter exhibit, we checked out Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was a nice restaurant. Our host was awesome. I ended up getting a fish sandwich and some incredible soup. The host quizzed us on Forrest Gump. I’m quite proud of myself for getting every answer right. Its one of my favorite movies. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

burlesqueburlesque 3

Danielle and I wanted to do something fun and different in New York, so we decided to go to a burlesque show that was put on by Epic Win Burlesque. The show was based on popular musicals like Little Shop of Horror and Mary Poppins. It was quite interesting. Its not for prudish folks. I had a good time.

Tumbling Bones

We took the subway almost everywhere. Cab rides are expensive. The Tumbling Bones were one of several entertainers down in the subway. They played blue grass music. I love me some country and I thought they were great. I was mad because I didn’t get a CD. I forgot. I did tip them though.

Subway dancers

These dancers were on the subway too. They treated us to a Step Up movie moment. Google it. I was amazed how well they danced and the fact that they did it on the subway. Again, it was just a group of folks working to make a few bucks entertaining the crowd. It was awesome.


Danielle wanted to badly to take me to her favorite NYC restaurant for brunch. She ranted and raved about their food. I was so HAPPY she did. Its called Egg. Its located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was the best Southern meal prepared by Northerners that I’ve ever eaten. I HIGHLY recommend this place if you’re visiting. I will warn that its not very large and you might wait awhile. We ended up waiting an hour to be seated. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t freezing outside and you could wait inside. The wait area was very small. It was worth the wait because the meal was delicious. We ended up getting the light and fluffy french toast, buttermilk biscuits and different assortments of meat. I wish we had a place like that Virginia.

Ladureeladuree macaroons

Ever since I saw an episode of Gossip Girl where  Blair Waldorf gets a box of macaroons, I’ve always wanted to try one. Of course, we had to travel to the best place in Manhattan called Laduree. It was cold as hell that day and windy. I’m thinking we could just walk right in and get some. Oh no, NYC isn’t that easy. The line was out the door and it was crowded inside. I wasn’t going to leave because we had traveled to get these macaroons. It was worth it. The macaroons were SO good. It was pricey. They cost $3 a piece. I ended up getting two boxes with eight macaroons in each. So it was almost $50. I bought one for me and my co-workers. Truthfully, they were expensive as hell but really good. They were light, airy and not too overly sweet. Laduree is a special occasion treat.

I enjoyed my time in NYC and look forward to visiting again. I hope you enjoyed my pictures.

6 thoughts on “NYC Trip 2013

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I’ve never tried a macaroon but its definitely on the wish list – they look good!

    • You should definitely try one . There are plenty of shops in NYC that sell them but when we went on, it said it was the best in the city. It got rave reviews. I heard its crazy on holidays especially Valentine’s Day. We went on a Sunday and the line was out the door. I know it took about 45 minutes to get in and purchase some. Again, its a little pricey but I enjoyed them. Its a nice little treat if you’re in NYC. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Oh wow, what an awesome experience, Lakeshia! The food, the photos, the entertainment…WOW! The photo of you with Elmo makes for a great memory. My kids love Mario & Luigi…can’t believe life size characters exist. I would never hear the end of it if they knew (haha). And all that beautiful sushi. YUM! My favorite food aside from lamb. I have to say something, though. I’ve never seen French Toast so big! Where do they make the loaves? Giantville! They’re massive! But gooooood!!!

    I remember visiting New York in the winter like you and I had such a great time. I’ll never forget my trip either.

    Good luck with! Sounds like an exciting gig. I’m sure it will pay off in the end! 🙂

    • Thanks for the well wishes. NYC is a great place to see a lot of stuff. And to eat too. I think I would rather go in the spring this time. LOL. I swear the cold just settled in my bones and wouldn’t go away. Blah!!! Take care Jack.

    • Thanks Jade. I did have a nice. time. It was a fun trip. There is so much to do in NYC that you don’t have a lot of time to do it all. I would like to go back in the future.

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