Erotic Beauty Beyonce

Beyonce dance for you too

Beyonce’s “Dance for You” video

Valentine’s Day is Thursday and I find myself alone again. Damn. I guess I’m gonna have to go out on Friday and get me some 50 percent off candy. Hey a girl gotta make herself feel good.

The other day, I was asking my friends in relationships what they had planned for Valentine’s Day. Most of them said nothing or they decided they weren’t going to exchange gifts with their significant other. WTH?! I mean I know Valentine’s Day isn’t about getting chocolates and roses but what happened to the romance. Maybe its me but I think its  important to keep the spice in your relationship.

This brings me to Beyonce’s Dance for You video. This is the most erotic, sultry and classy video I have ever seen. Let me set it up for you. Basically Beyonce walks into this detectives office looking all seductive and hot. Then she starts to do her thing by dancing for him. The actor Brett G. Smith is HOTTT. I’m sure he was smiling ear to ear when he got the call he was going to play Beyonce’s love interest.

I’m not saying every one has to pop it like Beyonce but you gotta change up playtime in the bedroom a little bit. I’m not saying go all BDSM in the bedroom and hand out safety words but ladies and men, you gotta keep it interesting.

Beyonce just might give you a few ideas.


Loving you is really all that’s on my mind
And I can’t help but to think about it day and night,
I wanna make that body rock
Sit back and watch!

Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, oh-oh
Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, oh-oh
Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body
Boy I like it when you watch me, ah
Tonight it’s going down
I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
Swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on my babe
Baby let me put my body on your body
Promise not to tell nobody
‘Cause it’s ’bout to go down!

2 thoughts on “Erotic Beauty Beyonce

  1. Safety words? That struck me funny and I still have a smile on my face. Beyonce certainly knows how to put on a show, doesn’t she? Her Super Bowl performance is unmatched bar none. When she hits that stage, strutting, pounding out the lyrics to her musical sonnettes, she sizzles. I wonder if the dry ice went missing would the stage still steam. I think it would! She’s a true showman in every sense of the word. Thanks for this, Lakeshia!

    • I’m sitting here laughing silly. I went to go see The Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and there was a scene in the movie where someone was shouting a safety word. My friend was like “What does that mean?” LOL. Yes Beyonce is a great performer. When she hits that stage she gives you her money’s worth. I enjoyed the Super Bowl performance. I was reading some comments on article about her performance and some folks were like it was disrespectful of her to dress like that and dance so erotic. I’m like folks get a life. I’m glad you smiled about this piece. LOL. 🙂

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