British Beauty

Adele Profile

Its amazing that at age 24, Adele has accomplished more than most people will in a lifetime. Her latest album, 21 swept the 2012 Grammy Awards winning in all six major categories including Album, Record and Song of the Year.


At the 2013 Golden Globes, Adele won Best Original Song for Skyfall, which was featured in the Skyfall James Bond movie. She was doing all that and gave birth a few months ago to a baby boy.  Adele to me is simply a powerhouse.


The first time I noticed Adele was in the Chasing Pavement video for her Adele 19 album, which debuted in 2008. She has a bluesy tone to her voice. You can feel the raw emotion pouring out from her. That album took the world by storm and Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was simple known as Adele.

Adele is my singer celebrity crush. To me she is a classic raven-haired beauty. In a world where “skinny minnies” or “Barbie doll” looks have become somewhat of the norm,  Adele curvaceous body is very sexy. I’m a boobs, hips and butt kind of girl. I’m like if you got it, flaunt it. Ka-pow!!!


“My aim is not to be skinny,” says Adele. She would rather have the world focus on her music than what she looks like every day. She projects self confidence when she takes that stage and sings her ass off. She knows she’s talented. Girl do your thang!! We aint made at you.

Adele 2

Adele is working on her latest album. Word on the street is that she’s going for a more light sound instead of the breakup theme on the 21 album. We all all can’t wait to hear what she will give us next.

2 thoughts on “British Beauty

    • I have to look that one up. She does seem so down to earth. I watched her acceptance speech for Best Song for Skyfall at the Golden Globes and she was so friendly and real. Thanks for checking it out.

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