I love his Women Who Wow Wednesdays. Its an amazing tribute to kick ass women!!!!-LA 

Jack Flacco

In celebration of Women Who Wow Wednesday, this is my tribute to Babydoll, lead protagonist in the film Sucker Punch. If you haven’t seen the movie, please do. You won’t regret it.

To protect her little sister from the evil clutches of her lustful stepfather, 16-year-old Babydoll takes it upon herself to exact justice by the end of the barrel of a gun. When she fires a round, the bullet ricochets and accidentally kills her sister. Surviving the attack, her stepfather commits Babydoll to Lennox House, an insane asylum where she faces a lobotomy. A lobotomy her stepfather secures with a substantial bribe given to the institutions’s head orderly. Babydoll escapes into her fantasies where they become her reality.

From there we see Babydoll involved in such feats as dragon slaying, Samurai sword fighting, and taking on an entire zombie army with the help of her…

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