Movie Buzz: Hunger Games




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hunger games cocktail

The Girl on Fire, Hunger Games cocktail 

1.5 ounces white rum
3 ounces mango juice
1 to 2 teaspoon grenadine
Orange zest strip
Maraschino cherry
Fill a highball glass with ice.
Add white rum and mango juice, and then add grenadine, allowing it to sink to the bottom of
Do not stir; garnish with orange zest and cherry.
Of course, with this drink in hand, there’s only one way to toast: May the odds be ever in your

6 thoughts on “Movie Buzz: Hunger Games

  1. I always wondered where the Harvey Wallbanger came from. I know it’s a drink and I know I’ve heard it mentioned in countless episodes of TV shows and in movies. But I’ve never really found out where it came from. Ideas?

    • I’ve never heard of that. Of course I had to Google it. LOL. This is from Wikipedia “The Harvey Wallbanger was brought to international prominence by then Galliano salesman, George Bednar.[1] Legend has it that the drink was named after a Manhattan Beach surfer who was a regular patron of Duke’s ‘Blackwatch’ Bar on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood during the early 1950s” Maybe Mr. Wallbanger banged a lot of patrons. LOL. I have no idea. I need to add that to my boozy list. Oh and I can add it to my cruise drink list. I’m taking a cruise to Bermuda in June and I have a list going on. I think I’m going to get a kick out of saying can I get a “Harvey Wallbanger.”

    • Hahaha!!! I haven’t made them either. Not yet anyway. I like a good drink every now and then but I can’t make EVERY drink I post. LOL. I just thought it was a neat little thing to add a little pizzazz to the blog. I need to figure out how to make better pics. I’m sure that will come later. Right now I need to update it. I swear this Game of Thrones books is the only one I’ve been reading lately. Its good but I’m ready to start posting some reviews. 🙂

      • Ohh, haha! Well then, I can’t wait to see pics of those you made! 😉 Yeah, that’s also why I’m dreading to read Les Mis, I might not be able to finish soon. I’ll watch out for your reviews!

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