The New Hunger by Isaac Marion

Isaac Marion

Ooops he’s done it again.

Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies has written a prequel to the novel called The New Hunger,a 140-page novella which will be available to readers on January 28.

Warm Bodies Cover

I’m sure most readers would like to Marion to continue the story of Julie and R but instead he is taking us back seven years when the plague emerged.

Highlights of the book:

  • 12-year-old Julie travels with her parents through a crumbling America–a nightmarish family road-trip in search of a new home.


  • 16-year-old Nora becomes her kid brother’s reluctant, terrified guardian after their parents abandon them in the ruins of Seattle.

  • A man in a red tie wakes up in a forest with a mind as empty as the sky. With no idea who or what he is, he must unravel the grim mystery of his existence–right after he learns how to think, how to walk, and how to satisfy the mad creature shouting in his belly.

I’m highly interested in reading more about the plague and the lives of everyone involved. The story will give us more insight into each person’s character.

Check Isaac Marion’s Blog Burning Building

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