DIY: Spine Bookmarks


What a cool and fresh idea!!! You can remove the spines from old books and make bookmarks. Why didn’t I think of that?! It would be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for book lovers.


·         a book spine
·         Heavy cardstock
·         Matte gel medium for glue
·         Brayer
·         Eyelet
·         Ribbon or tassel

  1.  Use matte gel medium to glue heavy cardstock to back of book spine
  2. Use brayer to really flatten them together. Let dry completely.
  3. Trim around book spine
  4. Punch hole and set eyelet
  5. Add ribbon or tassel

You can decorate your bookmark by stamping, ink, chalk or any sort of embellishment, just remember not to make it too 3-dimensional…and nothing that will stain your book pages!



6 thoughts on “DIY: Spine Bookmarks

    • I was thinking the same thing. It would have to be a very very old book that has been discarded. Sometimes the library has books like that they are looking to give away.

  1. I love this!! But Jade’s got a point, i don’t have strong enough fingers to tear out my beloved books. maybe i can go to the thrift store and get books i don’t like…

    • I understand. My fellow book lovers aren’t feeling this DIY project. LOL. Books are sacred. It would have to be a very very old book.

    • Yeah it think it would be neat only for OLD books and not new ones. I get peeved when people write in books. LOL.

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