Hollywood Natural Beauty

Viola Davis

Oscars 2012 Vera Wang Gown

Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw would have gone bonkers over Viola Davis in a Vera Wang gown and natural hair look she wore to the 2012 Oscars. Davis was quoted as saying “I wanted to step into who I am.” And she was stepping tall and fierce with that look. I admire any woman who can “own” her natural hair and wear it with pride. Not too many of us sisters can do it. I must admit, a relaxer is my best friend. Hell it’s a friend to a lot of black girls out here.


That year Davis was nominated in the Best Actress category for her role in the film adaptation of The Help. She definitely had the Za-Zoom thing going on.

I first noticed Davis a few years back for her supporting role in Doubt. She played the mother of a son who a Catholic nun assumed was being molested by a priest. Davis was only on screen for about eight minutes. During that brief time, she gave a powerful performance that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Support Actress. I remember sitting up straight in the theater during that scene and thinking that woman up there was acting her ass off. I mean she was crying and had snot running out of her nose. Nothing was pretty about that scene but it was powerful and memorable.

Check it out:

Since then, Davis has continued to amaze us with her talents. I truly think she is one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. As a dark-skinned woman, I like the fact that she takes chances and wears bold bright colors that shows off her velvet skin.


2012 Golden Globes


Official 2012 Oscar portrait. Photo: Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Let me be frank. I am so sick of Hollywood thinking that only light-skinned women like Beyonce and Halle Berry are the only good looking women in the black community. We come in all different shades and flavors. Davis is like a smooth piece of dark chocolate that melts in your mouth.

This year, Davis will be starring in the film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures, which hits theaters February 13th. I have no doubt, Davis will have a long career.


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