The Art of Handwriting

Post Cards

Holidays are the best. Its the only time that we receive greeting cards from our friends and family. I love going to the mailbox during this time to see what I’m getting. After the holidays, well, I don’t get squat.

Handwriting has become a lost art. Most of us communicate through our cell phones, text messages, emails or various social media sites. What happened to writing letters to express our feelings, thoughts, concerns or fears? I find that I’m more expressive when I’m writing down my thoughts than when I’m verbal. We have been spoiled by technology. I get that its the fastest way to receive and send information but the intimacy is lost.

This cool chick Amber gave me the idea of going old school and getting back to our handwriting roots. I put out feelers and asked some folks if they would like to receive handwritten letters from me. Some of these friends are close and others are people I met on Facebook and other social sites. To my amazement, some folks were really interested in my project.

I toyed with the idea of getting personalized stationary, greeting cards or postcards to send out. Postcards seemed like the best way to go. Its quick, simple and fast. Let me tell you, it was hard trying to find postcards. Good grief. You would think Hallmark would have some but I couldn’t find any.

I finally found some on They had a huge assortment of postcards which cost around $1 each. I tried to pick out postcards to reflect each person’s personality.

I’m looking forward to this. Throughout the year, I will be sending out postcards sporadically. Hopefully folks will be pleasantly surprised to receive one in the mail.

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